Welcome to 1st Presbyterian Church of Murphysboro, IL ! If you are looking for a place to worship God, or to encounter the love of God, we hope you’ll join us for worship and fellowship this coming Sunday morning. We gather each Sunday at 10:15 am for fellowship, followed by worship at 10:45 am.  We often linger in the foyer/hallway for coffee and/or treats after worship too. 

We enjoy Christian fellowship at various other times in the week and month, and we invite visitors to join us for these events too. Be sure to browse our church calendar while you are visiting our website. We care deeply about our faith and serving our community. God is at work in a transforming way in our church, and we hope that you will join us in praying that God’s will be done in our lives and in our church. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to share in any way that we can. Hope to see you soon! 

We are a congregation in the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.

Blessings in Christ, First Presbyterian Church

  A Word from the Pastor: When history books are written, they will tell of this unusual and scary time. A worldwide pandemic, that began in China in late 2019, quickly spread around the world and began seriously impacting the United States by March of 2020. It was caused by a novel coronavirus and was quickly renamed COVID-19. Infection rates and deaths skyrocketed all over the country and healthcare systems were overwhelmed. Illinois, like many states, put in place a “stay at home” order in an effort to help get the virus under control. People were only allowed to leave home for essential reasons and a lot of businesses and other public gatherings were shut down, including worship services. We resumed in-person worship on June 7, 2020 but even so many health-related precautions were put in place, such as “social distancing” (everyone except family members must maintain six feet of distance apart)and the wearing of face masks. Rates of COVID-19 infections are steadily going down and the healthcare system is not as overwhelmed, but the virus is still out there and is still deadly. I just thought future Presbyterians would want to know this.   Sam Foskey, Pastor

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