First Presbyterian Church of Murphysboro is a PCUSA church. We're located at 51 Crescent Drive in Murphysboro, Illinois. The Rev. Sam Foskey is serving as our Temporary Supply Pastor. We belong to the Presbytery of Southeastern Illniois.

Eddie Warren[brother of Barbara Smith]; Betty Hayes;Those dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Zeta, Eta, and Iota; Catastrophic Western Wildfires; Our country in crisis; all those involved in dealing with COVID-19: the ill, the bereaved, caregivers, healthcare system workers, government employess, school systems, and essential employees; Ruth Tindall; Sonja Crain; Presidential Election Situation 

Murphysboro:  Nov. 18, 24
Pinckneyville: Nov. 19, 23
Nov. 25: Vacation leave
Nov. 26: Thanksgiving

Secretary Phyllis' schedule:  She is normally in the office on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 12:30-4:00 p.m.
and on Wednesday mornings from 8:30 until 12:00 p.m.(Noon).

Receipts for Sunday, November 15, 2020: Regular offering, $1525.79
Receipts for Sunday, November 8, 2020: Regular offering, $205
Receipts for Sunday, November 1, 2020: Regular offering, $1066

AMOUNT NEEDED WEEKLY TO MEET THE BUDGET: $1165.70. Your contributions are needed now more than ever. 
If you are not comfortable with attending right now you  can send your contributions to the church 
at 51 Crescent Drive, Murphysboro, IL, 62966.   So, please send in your regular offerings, as you are able.

The fall and winter months are tough times for the food-insecure. We're starting a food drive for the Murphysboro
Food Pantry. Please give what you can.

We resumed in-person worship on June 7. These are the guidelines we are following regarding COVID-19, based on guidance from the government and our denomination.
1. When we celebrate communion, you will pick up your individual, pre-packaged communion elements from tables in the back of the church and use them during communion and then leave the packaging materials in the communion cup holders in the hymnal racks.
2. It is highly recommended that everyone wear a mask to the service and during the service. 
3. Family units which have been sheltering in place together may sit together. Otherwise, everyone must stay six feet apart and sit two pew lengths apart.
4. No handshaking or hugging. 
5. Hand sanitizer will be available for your use when you enter and leave the building.
6. All hymnals will be removed from the sanctuary. We will not sing. We will only have instrumental music.
7. Do your best to have your offerings prepared ahead of time. Offerings may be placed in an offering plate located in the back of the sanctuary. You may leave your offering upon entering or leaving the building. 
8. For the time being, we will not have a time of coffee and refreshments. 
9. Please do not linger too long after the service but exit in a timely manner. 
10. If we can all follow these guidelines, while worship may be a lot different, we will still be able to joyfully worship the Lord and fellowship together! We will get through this! NOTE: IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS 

How to Connect With The Churches Via Facebook And The Websites 
Pinckneyville Website: 
Pinckneyville Facebook: 
Murphysboro Website: 
Murphysboro Facebook: 
The Facebook pages are where you will find the Facebook Live worship services, which are continuing 
even though we have resumed in-person worship.  A number of people are connecting to our services through Facebook, for which we are grateful.  Pinckneyville worships at 9:00 a.m. and Murphysboro at 10:45 a.m. 

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